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So. Waiting for guy to fix my hot water heater and then will go wait to have my tires checked and then will go to take deposits on my day off and then will go to mom's house and giver some of the cell phone money I owe our family plan and then will come home again and do nothing but listen to Soldier of Love by Sade which is my new favorite song (also Need You Now by Lady Amtebellum and 1901 by Phoenix) and plan my world take over. I might practice spotting on my turns as well as work on my en crois.

Meanwhile all three of my books are now available on Amazon.com. Imagine my chagrin when I searched last night and instead of finding Unnamed: the rough draft, I found out that an author with a pretty famous first novel just published his second novel in January (about two weeks before I actually comitted to publishing my novel) and his novel is called The Unnamed. Blow. But maybe it will help my sales. Also, there are digital footprints all over the interwebs proving I had planned to publish as Unnamed for at least a year and a half so if someone cease and desists me I can at least prove something and then sue for damages. Lol. I know I wouldn't be able to sue, but damn. It just figures. I'm always right there on the zeitgeist. This is just exhibit G of me being not quite fast enough on the stick again.

Anyway, got a tax refund or some babysitting money lying around? Then please hit up Amazon and search for James Hargrave in department Books and purchase Unnamed: the rough draft, Love Letters from Hell, and/or Live Nude Poetry.

And as thanks I will continue to practice spotting on my turns.

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Et cetera

Jan. 15th, 2010 09:44 pm
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And I feel the death of the angel's wings
No more beating upon me
Their dusky rythym.

No more do I nurture the greater heaven
No more do I belong to the beat of the earth.

Her wisdom escapes my clumsy grasp
And through my fingers slips
The detritus of another one night stand.

Yesterday is gone. Complaints arise. The earth quakes. Et cetera. Ad nauseum.

I burn. A fire approaches my lips and little love letters from hell fall around my feet.

It is raining.

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As has been for weeks the case when the weather changes I am unable to breathe, again. Aaaaaaaaargh. Also, tonight made really great progress on Love Letters from Nowhere only to be stymied by my computer's seeming inability to effing produce a fucking PDF. Seriously, I'm ready to publish but I cannot convert the cover or interior files to fucking PDFs. And then I lost the ability to breathe.

Bright side however is that I am starting to get very good at typing on my new-to-me factory refurb iPhone. In this regard it turns out that my right thumb is he dullard in the family. Lol.

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