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Fucking everyone in my writer's group hated the title Anonymity in the Modern Age. But then they don't know where the book is going - and I don't either - I knew where it used to go, and I always thought the title fit, but then I realize I changed it to Unnamed because AITMA didn't fit, and NOW of course there has been a best-seller called Unnamed in the past three years so the next iteration of the book can't really be Unnamed, so ... ANYWAY

I got fucking wasted before, during, and especially after my writer's group workshop last night. I feel like death on a fucking stick today. FUCK. I can't stop saying fuck.


ETA ETA ETA Ogden based on Ferguson is the official most popular character in the piece. I'm rewriting him in first person an I guess it's working. Conversely, no one cares if my analogue, Paul, goes away. Funny that.
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Since I'm taking the year off to be a student, I figure I should have some goals.

So I do. It's just general sort of wellness/creativity goals, but it's good to have them.

I want to be sober more often for longer stretches of time.
I want to finish The Commander Dances, Anonymity in the Modern Age, AND Elegant BattleFace Teenagers.
I want to stop looking pregnant.
I want my lungs to stop rattling all the time.
I want to get a book deal.
I want to work on a film.
I want to go on dates with potential instead of sleeping with the same old suspects.
I want to devote more time to writing short fiction.
I want to get enough short fiction published to be eligible for the NEA grant.


I want to find someplace to live forever. I want to find someone to live with forever.
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Who if anyone considers it worthwhile for me to actually be doing what I am doing at this time which is, actually, hilariously, rewriting UNNAMED (under the working title Anonymity in the Modern Age, which the intrepid reader may recall is the original name of Unnamed).

This rewrite is compulsive and propulsive. I don't know what to do to make the book perfect but in some ways I know exactly what to do to make it the book I always sort of meant it to be. But I sort of didn't exactly know how to do that until now. It's very strange this feeling.

I am doing this because one of my school buddies was like, man, if you wrote a novel, and there's anything about it that you actually like, why the fuck did you give up on it? And I was like


So I'm doing that. And sort of working on Elegant Battle Face Teenagers one agonizing realization of derivativity at a time. I hate read The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones over the weekend and I was SHOCKED and APPALLED to discover that (duh) a) I didn't invent drawing on oneself for super power reasons as an original thought and b) it was HARRY POTTER fanfic with the names and situations vaguely sort of find/replaced.

Not to mention that my hero in EBFT is basically a male Buffy with ranged rather than melee super powers. Not to mention that blah blah blah.

I really need to be a staff writer or editor where I can make other people's ideas better than they already are. I'm so repetitive. That said.

ANONYMITY IN THE MODERN AGE - that book has some dope shit it in it man. Cool.

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