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Fucking everyone in my writer's group hated the title Anonymity in the Modern Age. But then they don't know where the book is going - and I don't either - I knew where it used to go, and I always thought the title fit, but then I realize I changed it to Unnamed because AITMA didn't fit, and NOW of course there has been a best-seller called Unnamed in the past three years so the next iteration of the book can't really be Unnamed, so ... ANYWAY

I got fucking wasted before, during, and especially after my writer's group workshop last night. I feel like death on a fucking stick today. FUCK. I can't stop saying fuck.


ETA ETA ETA Ogden based on Ferguson is the official most popular character in the piece. I'm rewriting him in first person an I guess it's working. Conversely, no one cares if my analogue, Paul, goes away. Funny that.
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Since I'm taking the year off to be a student, I figure I should have some goals.

So I do. It's just general sort of wellness/creativity goals, but it's good to have them.

I want to be sober more often for longer stretches of time.
I want to finish The Commander Dances, Anonymity in the Modern Age, AND Elegant BattleFace Teenagers.
I want to stop looking pregnant.
I want my lungs to stop rattling all the time.
I want to get a book deal.
I want to work on a film.
I want to go on dates with potential instead of sleeping with the same old suspects.
I want to devote more time to writing short fiction.
I want to get enough short fiction published to be eligible for the NEA grant.


I want to find someplace to live forever. I want to find someone to live with forever.

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