Aug. 5th, 2013

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31,886 words into the rewrite/revision/retype; current pace compared to previous version has me topping out somewhere around 57,000 for this draft ... I typed out 10,000 yesterday and made some good clarity/continuity changes, I think. The prose is pretty strong in the original draft - what's funny about that is that as I'm going through I'm definitely spending more time on the strong prose i.e. making it strong, whereas with the weaker prose I'm mostly typing through. That's not going to come alive for me I don't think until I take red ink to and also depending on if there are subplots I later decide to excise. Again, I'm pretty sure my proxy in the book is going away, such a weird thing to think of doing, but he's really pretty useless. Also, all the interstellar door store stuff, which there is much much less of than I remember. Also, I need to find a way, if I do cut my proxy, to loop Ogden/Ferguson's proxy into the supernatural narrative somehow. Marc/Elaine & Bill's stories are wildly different but dovetail into a pretty strongly bound metaphysical world, whereas Paul/Ogden's does not. This concern about the supernatural/metaphysical compatibility of the storylines derives from a note from my writer's group: why is this a novel? why do these people belong in the same book? I find the question a bit simplistic, and my gut reaction is to say "Because I say so," but I agree that I need a better answer than that. Of course, the selection they saw didn't have any demon babies or shark fetishising (which I also may need to loop in sooner, though the structure of this draft is without hyperbole, astonishingly different, and I don't even think I realize how much sooner some of those things are introduced in this draft).

I'm trying to finish this draft before I go home to Texas for the upcoming weekend with my nephew. The plan then is to get back from TX on the 12th and start a heavy line-edit top to bottom before the semester begins on the 26th then to re-type that in time to submit it as my first submission of the semester. THEN I will hunker down in earnest on Elegant Battle Face Teenagers. The plan/goal for that is, roughly, to complete a draft by my birthday. Then a heavy, heavy line-edit of EBFT by Halloween and HOPEFULLY a submission-worthy draft by winter break.

I'm scheduling myself like a mad person this fall in regards to what I expect to get done for myself writing-wise. Like, 9 to 5 expectations of how much work to get done. So while these two books are the top of the heap right now - and I'm allowing for shifting priorities - I expect to get done at least one other long manuscript (probably The Commander Dances) - and maybe participate in NANO again...

And there is the aforementioned strong desire to get back to writing some short pieces. And maybe finishing that screenplay of UP (LOL, jesus, but vampires are so tired now, damn it). I've always said I could write 4 books a year with different voices, characters and themes, and obviously, I've never been able to do that. I've never seriously tried, either. Here we go...

Also, also, I'm thinking about my thesis and specifically the research portion which is to be at least, I believe, 25 pages ... I'm thinking along the lines of D.I.Y. in a "No, You Don't" World: Self-publication, FanFiction, and Me ... Thoughts??

Closing thought: Has graduate school given me the ability to talk about my work and WORK on my work at the same time? Only time will tell...

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